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Couples & Engagement Photography

The feelings of energy and excitement your special someone brings to your life are as one of a kind as the connection you share. Our team of Estes Park photographers are dedicated to helping capture that emotion through our lasting images. Whether you are considering popping the question to that special someone, or you have already said ‘yes’, mark the moment with a beautiful couples photography session.

Our experienced team of Estes Park photography team focuses on personalizing your session by getting to know your vision for your photographs and incorporating that vision into your images. From dramatic engagement photos to loving couples shots we work to get the shots you will adore forever. We strive to make your private session perfect by paying attention to detail and helping you feel relaxed and comfortable and in front of the camera.

Our Mountain Couples and Engagement Photography Sessions are offered year round in beautiful natural areas of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Couples and Engagement sessions also offer the flexibility of having one of our experienced Estes Park photographers meet you at a location special to you or at a beautiful mountain home or cabin. Our Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park Couples and Engagement Sessions feature a variety of beautiful backgrounds and include a combination of dramatic, emotional shots mixed with timeless, classic poses. In addition, we welcome any props you would like to include in your photographs.

During a typical Couples of Engagement Photography Session our Estes Park photographer will take more than one hundred total photos. Each photograph taken is done so in a format called "RAW". Most professional photographers shoot in RAW because it gives them more information to work with during the editing process. The Estes Park Family Photographers team believes the advantage of shooting in RAW is we get the opportunity to access the most information possible in order help create the most colorful images for our clients.

Once your Estes Park Couples or Engagement Photography session has been completed, you go back to your relaxing family vacation and we will get to work. We begin by importing all of the raw images taken and begin the process of selecting the best of the best to undergo editing and retouching. We take the time to touch each and every photo to ensure we deliver the most expressive images possible. We enhance each photo by adjusting standard professional elements such as color, contrast, and highlights. Whenever possible, we eliminate unwanted background objects, reduce or remove hair fly-aways, remove flash bulbs from glasses, lessen obvious pimples and blemishes, and reduce summertime perspiration or water spots. We even whiten teeth and enhance skies on a few up close shots. Finally, we select an occasional image to add special artistic touches to. We sometimes add black and white, sepia, watercolor, and other special effects to create a desired look. Estes Park Family Photographers Couples and Engagement Session clients should expect their gallery to be viewable within two weeks of their session date.

Once your photos are ready to be viewed the Estes Park Family Photographers Team we will provide you with access to a password protected gallery where you can enjoy and share your photos. There you can instantly download all of your images to your computer, share to Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest, or email them to friends and family. You will also receive a discount code where you can purchase individual prints from our professional lab at 50% off of the regular price. Estes Park Couples and Engagement Session photography clients should expect their gallery to be viewable in less than two weeks of their session date.

Book your Gulf Shores photographer securely online or contact Gulf Shores Family Photography today at 251-979-2492 so we can get to know you and begin to plan your memorable session!



Couples & Engagements Beach

Sunglass Photography Session $129

(Session Fee & Digital Images Are Included)

15-20 Minute Session, Multiple Poses 

Online Gallery, Off Peak Time 

10 Lightly Edited Digital Images 

 Couples & Engagements Beach

Mini Photography Session $269

(Session Fee & Digital Images Are Included)

15-20 Minute Session, Multiple Poses

Online Gallery, Off Peak Session Time

15 Edited Digital Images

Couples & Engagements Beach

Sunrise & Sunset Photo Session $359

(Session Fee & Digital Images Are Included)

30 Minute Session, Multiple Poses

Online Gallery, Peak Session Time

20 Edited Digital Images

Print Prices (a la carte)

3.5 x 5 $5, 4 x 6 $7, 5 x 7 $15, 8 x 10 $35,

8 x 12 $35, 10 x 13 $45, 11 x 14 $55,

12 x 18 $70, 12 x 24 $95, 14 x 22 $105,

16 x 24 $115, 18x3 $135,

 4 Wallets (8 of a single pose) $25

All Price Plus Applicable Taxes

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